In a nutshell

Hi! So glad you stopped by.

I’m Marjaana Jokinen, a self-proclaimed & currently self-employed learning engineer and information geek. I love to look over silos to create future-proof content and learning experiences. Not afraid of any geeky stuff, either.

Connect with me on LinkedIn ( or follow me on Twitter (@naanamar, @infodevaaja).

My professional tweets concentrate on content management and learning technologies. Non-professional tweets usually contain puns and wordplay of some sort. You will soon find that I’m a fan of open standards such as DITA XML and xAPI because they actually deliver the promise of the future-proof concepts mentioned on the top of this page.

This blog, like most of my tweets, are in Finnish. That’s to fill the gap in promoting these things in other-languages-than-English. So, I’m sorry that you probably won’t be able to understand much of it. However, if you would like to learn more or have a chat, do send a message: